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Are you the Game Changer we're looking for?

Education Week will be a game changer

Excursions to the moon, teleporting between classes, face recognition roll call or a school without bell times or walls – the school of the future is only limited by your imagination. That is the message from the organisers of an... Read more

Athletics Carnival

The Peel High School Athletics Carnival will be held at Tamworth Regional Sporting Complex on Friday May 4, 2018. Students are asked to go directly to the sporting complex and arrive by 8.45am. Students who catch a bus to Peel... Read more

Student Drop Off Zone

It is important that students are dropped off in the school car park. There are safety concerns for students who are being dropped off across the road at the Service Station.... Read more

Peel High is a partially selective co-educational rural high school in Tamworth. The school is renowned for its agricultural resources and success. The school prides itself on developing academic, cultural and sporting opportunities.